Statement of Support of Student-Led Walk-Outs

Community Education Council District 15 issued this Statement of Support to ensure our students are heard, feel like they are empowered to stand up for their own safety and are supported for civically engaging and furthering the important democratic discourse on gun law reform.   We thank all of the brave D15 students who are inspiring our community with messages of hope not hate and shining a light on this important topic to our community.  


CEC15 Principles of Information Disclosure

CEC15 is committed to ensuring all fellow public school parents in the District, as well as community members, have an effective place for their voice to be heard about issues, opportunities and challenges facing our public schools.  Simply put, your voice matters and we invite you to continue to share your valuable concerns, ideas, compliments and complaints about your child's experiences in our schools and education issues impacting our community generally.  Given the amount and type of information we receive, we thought it was important to also share with you our newly enacted "Principles of Information Disclosure" which reaffirm our commitment to parent and community engagement, transparency and the proper handling of information sent to us as a council or our Council Members.  Thank you for taking the time to read this statement.  Our lines of communication are always open to offer support to those who need it.