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Grab and Go Sites by District

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District 15 Schools with Meal Service

DOE Communication 2020 03 20

Remote Learning, Internet, Regional Enrichment Centers, Meal Hubs, Family Welcome Centers and P311, Helpful links

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DOE Communication 2020 03 20 - Spanish

Aprendizaje Remoto, Internet gratis, Dispositivos Electrónicos, Centros de Enriquecimiento RECs, Centros de Alimentos, Centros de Bienvenida a la familia y P311, Exámenes estatales y Enlaces Utiles

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CEC15 Communication 2020 03 20

Remote learning, Free wi-fi, Free meals, Parent Teacher Conferences, Pre-K applications, MS applications, HS Offers and wait lists, Update on NYS Tests, REC Centers for essential workers. 

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